Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nouveau-Indie Film Failure

Hello viewers, reader, friends and all of the above. This is the Article I wrote for the International section of the school newspaper "Americano." Unfortunately I was limited to 250 words which did not allow for very much expansion beyond general information. However, as "The Innocence of the Muslims" is a prominent issue, I will be posting a fully developed opinion and analysis at a later date. Stay tuned for that as well as my upcoming Opinion article being published in Americano next week.

Nouveau-Indie Film Failure

It is not often that the world sees such a massive united movement like the one protesting “The Innocence of the Muslims.” The volatile low budget movie made and promoted by fanatic Christian groups portrays the prophet Muhammed as a childish, sex crazed, child molesting murderer has lead to massive outbreaks of anger all across the eastern hemisphere of the globe. Since its release on Youtube, anger has flooded over 20 muslim nations outraged by the film. Protests have materialized in Egypt, Palestine, Israel, Tunis, Lebanon, Yemen, and Kuala Lumpur (to name a few). The Associated Press stated that the protests had spread through approximately 20 nations in the Middle east, Europe, and western-central Asia.

The movie has received much support from many fundamentalist groups in the US. Further investigation into the making of the video describes the budget outlined for production as “comically low.” Some sources estimate 40,000-100,000 dollars! Such claims are confirmed by the cartoonish green-screened desert background, to the poorly attached fake beards, and the catatonic and wooden acting talent rumored to have been hired through Craigslist. The man behind what has been described as “indie film gone wrong” is none other than director Robert Brownell, who is known for his other experiments in hyper-cheap film such as “The Happy Hooker goes to Hollywood.” Due to the reaction the video received, it is easy to say that Brownell’s latest film has set an entirely new precedent for what a “bad movie” really is.

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