Friday, January 25, 2013

The King of New York

Hello readers and friends, 
It's been a while since I have posted. Between College Apps and other activities there has been little time. For now, enjoy this poem.

The King of New York

MAKE WAY peasants!
Das Kaiser has arrived!
Bow before your sovereign
endowed by GOD to rule over men!
I take to my throne
on the corner of 5th and Broadway.
You may call me;
‘Your Majesty’

Peons; do not bother me
with your trifles.
Do not come to me
going on about inequality
or money
Go about your miserable existence
toiling day by day!

Tell me I am dressed in tatters
that my beard is matted
that my hair is oily
I do not care.
I do it so that you,
will not feel inferior
to my ceremonial robes.
so that you may not feel
you are beneath
my exalted locks

I’m not delusional
I’m Brilliant
I am compassionate
but authoritative
and Machiavellian
I am the King of New York

I stand on street corners
I preach to my subjects
I get only funny stares
and they badger me
and heckle me

How DARE they?!
defy their supreme disciple
and burn the creeds they swore to me at birth?!
to walk past their king
without so much as a bow?!
to pass without paying their dues!
I ask not much
only but a penny or two...

Lend an ear countrymen!
Entertain my words!
I am not Crazy!
I am your sovereign
by god given right!
I am your sovereign
by birthright!
I am your king!
I am your king...

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